Artisanal Foods

Cuban Salsa  

Cuban Salsa

A crowd-pleasing favorite… our salsa is perfect as a dip for chips, over pasta or rice, or as a BBQ sauce. It can even take the place of tomatoes to give almost any type of dish a unique Cuban twist.

Dulce Crema  

Dulce Crema (Dool•chay Cray•ma)

A sweet, creamy cirtrus-flavored topping for fruit, cheese, or pound cake. Dulce Crema is great over ice cream, in milkshakes, and delicious when added to specialty cocktails.


Mojo (Mow•hoe)

Cubans use mojo like Americans use ketchup! Our version of the most famous of all Cuban sauces uses fresh ingredients – a combination of onion, garlic and citrus juices – to distinguish it from the others.

Mojo Verde  

Mojo Verde (Mow•hoe Bear•day)

Classic, robust mojo flavors that pop with the addition of a five fresh garden herbs. Mojo Verde is a marinade, a dipping sauce, a spread for bruschetta, and a unique ingredient for Nuevo Latino recipes.

Pepino (Pi•pee•no)

A creamy cucumber dip for chips or raw vegetables, Pepino can also be served with almost any meat, chicken seafood for vegetarian dish to give it a cool Cuban kick.

Red Beans  

Red Beans

Flavorful red beans in a thick, rich tomato gravy with a surprise ingredient: sweet potatoes! Our red beans can be eaten straight from the jar or used instead of canned beans in recipes.

Rice Ensalada  

Rice Ensalada

A delectable combination of white rice, sweet peppers, green olives and fresh herbs that can be served hot or cold, by itself, or with the addition or meat, chicken or seafood.


Sofrito (So•free•toe)

A mixture of fresh herbs and spices in an olive oil base – Sofrito is the most popular ingredient used in many traditional recipes to give foods authentic Cuban flavor.


Unte (Oon•tay)

A spicy sandwich spread or a key ingredient in countless recipes, Unte is the Cuban equivalent of mayonnaise.